*I believe, growing as a community is more important than individual growth” – Emmanuel Afotey sets a benchmark for others to follow*


Emmanuel Afotey is one of the most experienced names in the education and business sector. With a professional career spanning over 35 years, Emmanuel has been one of the most succesful individuals in multiple roles be it as a businessman, a lecturer or as a member of the governing body of the education council. He is now focussed on giving it back to the society, which has helped him all the way throughout his journey.

Emmanuel is presently based in the United Kingdom, as a member of the Governing Council and the Head of Quality Assurance for the New London Educational Trust.


Being in charge of a role which directly requires you to ensure that students can access the best possible quality of education is quite a challenging task and Emmanuel has certainly been performing it really well over the years.

“My role requires me to analyse both staff and student feedback and implement a system which is efficient and beneficial to all involved. It requires innovations and that is certainly one part I have always focussed on”, says Emmanuel.


Despite a huge burden of responsibilities that comes with being in charge of multiple roles, Emmanuel always has time for charity. He is a strong believer in giving it back to the society, which he had grown up in. Having spent two decades of the initial phase of his life in his native country in Africa, Emmanuel believes it’s very important to support the under-privileged population of the region.

Emmanuel makes a major contribution for West Africa every year through charity.


It is indeed commendable that Emmanuel has not forgotten his roots despite being a British citizen for 25 years. We certainly hope Emmanuel continues to achieve immense success in all his endeavours and in the process, continues to be a pillar of strength for the under-privileged people of our society.




*”Every student deserves the appropriate platform to fulfill their maximum potential” – Business consultant Sangita is leading from the front in the education sector*

Sangita is a woman who wears multiple hats. A business consultant, an entrepreneur, a socialist – she is certainly the master of multiple trades. Winner of numerous prestigious awards, Sangita is certainly making a mark in the education sector.

Sangita has been in the business consultancy sector for more than a decade. She is currently a business consultant with UK-based firm, Joni-Consultancy.

Her entrepreneurial journey started in 2016. She started running innovation programs from a two-person office in London in early 2016. Since the beginning, she aspired to create a scalable tech-led business rather than just an innovation consultancy.

And well, she hasn’t looked back ever since! Her efforts didn’t go unnoticed and she won the prestigious title of ‘Best Woman Entrepreneur in 2017’, awarded by MSME India besides several other awards.

There are more sides to Sangita other than her entrepreneurial aspect. A prolific writer and a national-level debater, Sangita is a hardcore socialist. She is an expert in mainstream media and is a regular columnist for newspapers and magazines on national and social issues.

“Everything is possible if innovative work is backed up with patience and persistence”, says Sangita. And, she has certainly shown what all can be achieved with indomitable will-power. Sangita continues to help hundreds of deserving students from rural India to get placed in top universities across the world. “Every student deserves the appropriate platform to fulfill their maximum potential”, believes Sangita.

Sangita is certainly doing a terrific job and we wish her the best for her future endeavours!